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ETFCentral - Everything ETF all in one place

With 8 different providers offering a combined total of close to 80 ETFs, finding the right ETFs to meet your investment goals can be tricky. ETFCentral consolidates all available ETF information in one place so that you don't need to trawl through multiple websites and documents to find the information you are looking for.

ETFCentral makes comparing, sorting and finding ETFs easy. We maintain a complete list of ETFs available to South African investors and keep up to date information on:

  • Cost (TER)
  • Dividend and distribution payments
  • Asset Class
  • Local or Offshore exposure
  • Smart Beta information
The complete list of available ETFs can be found on the home page, where you can sort, filter and search across multiple criteria.

The site also has a number of predefined filters which can be used to:
  • Find the cheapest ETFs overall, per asset class, and according to local or offshore exposure
  • Find dividend paying, total return and no dividend ETFs
  • Find Smart Beta ETFs
For more information or, if you would like to find out about using parts or all of the information on, please get in touch.